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The Voice of West Cork

Welcome to Skibbpod.ie – The All Audio Website!!

Skibbpod.ie is the concept of myself, Robert Hurden and has been founded for three principal reasons.  Firstly, to produce an on-line, bi-monthly magazine dedicated to West Cork.  The magazine will comprise of in-depth interviews with Community, Non-Profit and Social Activity Groups, fused with a mixture of Music, Drama, Comedy, Book Extracts & Poetry, all of which will have been written, produced &/or performed by people living and working in West Cork.  There will also be a section open to any persons residing in West Cork who has an issue that they feel needs addressing and an opinion on which we would appreciate, you the listeners, point of view.  Finally, there will be a monthly eco-competition, in association with our sponsor, consisting of a food & drink hamper filled with goods that have been either grown &/or produced in West Cork – hence cutting down on the carbon footprint, as well as promoting and supporting our own!!  The West Cork Magazine will be available on this website as well as various Podcast Apps.

Secondly, as a writer, (and the initial reason for putting this site together), via the Skibbpod.ie website…and over a period of time…I will be recording my own material and uploading for your pleasure, (or not as the case may be?), eitherway, feed back will be greatly appreciated.  My work varies from feature length comedy/drama, comedy sketches, short stories & poetry.

Thirdly, In addition to the above, I am offering an Audio-Recording service to any person/group who would like to record &/or upload their own work.  I will also be creating a library of Actors & Actresses who are happy to help us writers see our work go from paper to performance.

Finally, with every group interview that I record and with every artist that features as part of the West Cork Magazine, I will be providing a Link service to their own website, facebook page &/or instagram.Basically,Skibbpod.ie is a website that intends to grow and grow, a website that every time you come back too, will have something new to offer.So if you are a member of a group, a musician/writer or an individual with an issue, please feel free to email myself with your details and I will look forward to getting back to you.

Happy Listening…Rob.

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